Have you ever done something you didn’t want to do or didn’t feel like you had the time to do? Isn’t it interesting how when something feels uncomfortable there’s usually a reason or something that puts you on notice there is something about to happen that will be life changing?

I went on to a radio show to listen to what people were talking about since it was in direct correlation to our UBU project. But somehow the conversation turned to natural or alternative health and I couldn’t stand listening to people talk about how their doctor told them they have to put up with being in pain the rest of their lives.

I had to jump in with my two cents. There are at least five different resources to elimiate pain, so after four hours I finally got off the phone from answering questions about everything from diabetes to cancer.

But one of the people who heard me on the call and heard me talk about UBU, called me to tell me she was interested in helping me with UBU and what it would take to make sure it will get built.

She introduced me to a man who lives in Canada who is currently working on 500 projects which are about $100,000,000 many more which are more than $100 billion and many in between.

I sent the UBU Executive Summary to Canada via email and I was told within 30 minutes UBU was accepted. They knew immediately they wanted to fund our schools around the world.

We never know where one conversation will lead, but I always stay open to what shows up!